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  •  You know what I find interesting about this (0+ / 0-)

    effort to smear Obama as being Muslim?

    When it came to invading Iraq, the right fully expected millions of Muslims to submissively accept the right of white, Christan Americans to determine a new system of government for them, down to writing drafts of their new constitution.  And remember, the original neocon plan was to annoint Chalabi as the "George Washington of Iraq," and they honestly expected the Iraqis to go along with that.

    But the same people who expected that think it's a great idea to discredit Barak Obama by telling voters that he's secretly a Muslim.  Or, if he's not secretly Muslim he's been somehow tainted by going to school with Muslims or having Muslim relatives.

    Apparently it's absolutely understandable that wonderful, enlightened Christian Americans would abhor a president who possibly, secretly, maybe prays to Allah instead of of Jesus.  But while the right loudly proclaimed that Iraqis were backward and unenlightened, it never occured to them that those backward, unenlightened people would feel that same revulsion for the Christian soldiers patrolling their streets and the young evangelical Republicans directing their reconstruction efforts.

    It's exceptionalism for bigots.  It's... I have a God-given right to hate anyone who isn't like me, but if they don't return my scorn with admiration, it proves that they're scum.

    Cry "Mandate!" and let slip the hounds of accountability.

    by sagra on Thu Jan 25, 2007 at 09:31:19 AM PST

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