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    ladybug53, borkitekt

    ...when you live in a world where you are absolutely inundated by suggestions that your existence is valued only by your income potential it sure makes it tough.  Especially when you were raised with that drilled into your head over and over again.

    It also makes it nearly impossible to create and retain friendships.  How good are you if you aren't working?  You must just be lazy or a head case is the most common reaction.  She's lost many a friend for that reason.  

    Unfortunately her own family views it the same way.  This is the same family that knew she was sick her whole life but considered her illness an insult to their "genes" so they refused to acknowledge it.  Today parents like hers would be prosecuted for child abuse...but in the 70's things were a bit different.  I mean, how many times have you heard of a kid going to school sick and the school having to step in and FORCE the parents to take her home and demand that they show a doctor's note before allowing her to return?  Try that crap these days and see what happens.  (Gotta love those damn liberals! Thank God!)

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      Not all relationships are healthy ones.  Including many familial ones.  I must confess though that I don't understand the lack of ability to create friendships.  Friends don't expect to run on a schedule, well mine don't anyway, so it would seem that your wife's condition would not be an impediment.  As far as money goes which would you rather have written on your gravestone:

      'Lived a full life' or
      'Made a lot of money'?

      Our culture is twisted, there is no question in this.  We are taught that consumption is the highest good and that conspicuous consumption is the best one might achieve (Donald Trump anyone?).  So what is the highest good if it is not consumption?  That is easy to state, but not typically easy in the execution.

      The very best that one can expect is to maximize three things.

      Physical Potential - to be as fit and healthy as you can be (which means avoiding things that make you deliberately unhealthy, like smoking).

      Mental Potential - to be as smart and thoughtful as you can be.  Which means learning and being open to learning new things.

      Social/Emotional Potential - to develop as many deep relationships with others as is possible.

      To maximize these three and live to the full extent of your alloted lifespan is the best that a human might expect.  Naturally there are constraints on these imposed by environmental conditions beyond individual control.  You can't help where you were born or who your parents were for example. Accidents and illness are also generally unavoidable as well, but you have to ask:  If your money is not serving one of those three goals then of what use is it?  When money guarantees happiness then making a lot of it will be worthwhile.  

      Here in the mouth of madness one thing is terribly clear...madness does not floss

      by Thameron on Fri Jan 26, 2007 at 06:28:12 AM PST

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