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    I appreciate what you went through, I do.  And in that circumstance it was unquestionably an issue of mind over body.  You had something, it was diagnosed, it was treated and you had to force yourself to overcome what it was doing to you.  That in itself is a worthy struggle and I unquestioningly sympathize with it.

    However, her circumstance is fundamentally different.  They don't know what her issue is.  She has no diagnoses.  Attempts to overcome it simply create further set backs and complications.  

    Even in your situation if you were trying and every time you tried you broke another bone or something else went wrong, it would be black and white what happened and why.  With her though they don't know why some days she feels great and other days she doesn't.  They don't know why doing things as simple as sit-ups will cause her to vomit for three days.  They don't know why if she does leg lifts she develops a sinus infection.  

    Though I appreciate your experience, it is fundamentally different.

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