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  •  the looting and what the IAEA says (10+ / 0-)

    I don't see in your link any reference to looting of yellowcake. In fact the IAEA says there was none left by 1998. This is the IAEA assessment of what became of the Iraq nuclear program. That's why Cheney was so desperate to find any (or fabricate) any evidence that the Iraqis obtained yellowcake after 1998. It didn't happen as we now know.

    •  Where does the IAEA say there was no yellowcake? (5+ / 0-)

      Would you please show me the relevant portion of the IAEA assessment that states that there was no yellowcake left in Iraq by 1998?

      According to the Iraq Survey Group's Final Report, "In May 2003, coalition forces visited the former yellowcake extraction plant at Al-Qaim and discovered 16 drums of yellowcake and radioactive waste."  

      More to the point, please note the section entitled, "Iraq’s Known Uranium Holdings," where you'll see that, "In June 2004, a joint IAEA and Coalition team verified the inventory of Iraqi uranium compounds."  As for that inventory, it included approx. 486 tons of yellowcake.

      •  you are right (2+ / 0-)
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        StrayCat, kurt

        The IAEA report says it took custody of all known imported compounds and indigenously produced uranium compounds, which must mean the facilities that stored it were under IAEA seal. The looting of yellowcake alleged by the parent post doesn't seem to be verified. Have you seen verification of such looting? Are the 486 tons consistent with what the IAEA thought it had taken custody of, which means SH couldn't use it?

        It's still quite a stretch to believe that any uranium left in Iraq, or procured after 1998, had any use for weapons manufacturing since the facilities for such manufacturing were destroyed in the 1990's. Ergo, no WMD were found.

        Ugh! This all brings back bad memories about Doug Feith, another Cheney man.

        •  Science Magazine & BBC report yellowcake in Iraq (5+ / 0-)

 2003. IAEA was finally permitted to go to Tuwaitha and compare what they had to search for and find with their records from inspection visits.

          The prestigious US-based journal Science said inspectors had found virtually all the missing material, quoting an unnamed official from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).


          Separately US President George W Bush said looting could be one of the reasons why the former Iraqi regime's suspected arsenal of weapons of mass destruction has not yet been found.

          "For more than a decade, Saddam Hussein went to great lengths to hide his weapons from the world," Mr Bush said....


          The seven-member team is checking nuclear material against the agency's inventories.

          They are expected to report by the end of next week.

          Tuwaitha was heavily looted for a period during the war, and there has been particular concern about barrels which once stored low-enriched uranium, known as "yellow cake".

          The barrels were emptied and sold to local people for $2 each by looters. Many used the barrels to hold drinking water or food....

          About 1.8 metric tons of "yellow cake" and 500 tons of unrefined uranium went missing as the Iraqis left Tuwaitha unattended during the war.

          Although an estimated 20% of the containers which stored the uranium were taken from the site, it appeared that looters had dumped the uranium before taking the barrels.

          More here.

          •  here's the word from the IAEA (3+ / 0-)
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            Plan9, peraspera, truong son traveler

            Background: The Tuwaitha facility was looted in 2003, making media headlines in April shortly after the war broke out, when barrels containing low-level uranium ore concentrate known as "yellowcake" were stolen. The barrels were emptied and sold to local people who used them for storing water or food, or to wash clothes. Under its nuclear safeguards agreement with Iraq, the IAEA inspected the site, reporting its findings in July 2003. The report noted that the missing material posed no proliferation concern and that efforts were required to recover the dispersed material.

            Initial efforts by Iraqi and US teams to collect environmental and radiological data have already started, as have studies on the health effects for people living in Ishtar village. During the project´s first phase, it is expected the IAEA will assist with training, equipment and analysis of data to prioritise sites and facilities that need to be decommissioned first on radiation safety grounds.

            The IAEA also is assisting Iraq in several areas related to radiation safety and waste management. They include regional technical cooperation projects to upgrade capabilities for controlling radiation sources and responding to radiation emergencies. See Story Resources for related information.

            IAEA Press Release - Tackling Tuwaitha´s Radioactive Ruins

        •  IF looted THEN (virtually) recovered? (4+ / 0-)

          It seems most fair to say, "The looting of yellowcake alleged by the parent post doesn't seem to be verified <insert> by the article that the parent post linked."

          It would appear from the article linked below by Plan9, that there was some yellowcake that was looted, but that "inspectors had found virtually all the missing material."

          Regardless, you are EXACTLY right with this, "It's still quite a stretch to believe that any uranium left in Iraq, or procured after 1998, had any use for weapons manufacturing since the facilities for such manufacturing were destroyed in the 1990's" and I highly recommend you read the following diary for more:
          Niger/Uranium: FACTS everyone NEEDS to know

          As the diary points out, "The issue of whether Iraq sought to buy yellowcake from Niger is and has always been irrelevant as Iraq had "no viable means whatsoever of making it into nuclear weapons."

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