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View Diary: New Dem Center Fights Broder's "Independent" Extremism (113 comments)

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    Anecdote which illustrates Broder's confined world. In the middle 90s, interviewing citizens of Cicero, Illinois, Broder concluded Democrats must abandoned affirmative action to regain the white blue collar vote, without which they had no hope of electoral success. Unmentioned in the column was a week before the white blue collar citizenry of Cicero had driven an African American family out of their home in Cicero after they suffered vicious harrassment.

    My guess being after a mountain of letters in reponse to this unmentioned fact, and the implicit racism of Broder's column, several months later Broder wrote another column relating his experience when hospitalized for prostate surgery. His roommate was African American, and Broder informed how in discussion with his roommate, he developed an understanding of the circumstance of African Americans.

    Now keep in mind, Broder has lived in the D.C. metro area for a long time, and D.C. is heavily African American, but Broder indicates his lack of awareness of their experience until well into the 1990s. Whether he is a bigot or not, I do not know. What I have good reason to believe is he is indifferent to the fate of any but the well off.

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