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  •  It was funny because you and Kos were (4+ / 0-)

    both confusing me yesterday.  He called it a filibuster and I didn't think it was and you called for a filibuster, but I didn't see how that was possible for our side.

    I didn't bother to debate anyone on these procedure questions thinking that the GOP have trained their following to despise the concept/word "filibuster"; and I supported your sentiment of forcing the Republicans go on record in every possible way even though I couldn't figure out how much more could be done.

    That was the marketing me thinking because at the end of the day no matter what terminology one uses the Republicans successfully blocked an incredibly popular piece of legislation yesterday and we MUST make sure people know that.  They don't care how the Republicans blocked the legislation.  They care that the Republicans DID block it.

    •  EXACTLY (2+ / 0-)
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      inclusiveheart, vcmvo2

      But spoon's suggestion simply did not make sense.

      •  No it didn't. (1+ / 0-)
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        Big Tent Democrat

        The only response that made sense to me was to make sure that Americans were notified that the Republicans denied them a raise.  I thought Reid did the right thing in pushing the vote because we have a record of their votes on a clean bill.  Oh and what a list that is...  McCain, Graham, Sessions (Brownback was too scared to show up) and more.

        I'd rather see diaries railing against the Republicans that failed to support the measure rather than diaries attacking the Democratic leadership - at this point anyway.

        There is an interesting dynamic I was thinking about here.  Ensign was one of the no votes and coming from a labor state like Nevada one would think that is a bad thing right?  But Nevada already has a better minimum wage scale than the rest of the country.  But people like Sessions and Graham represent states that have a lot of people earning at or close to minimum wage and they rely on the Federal scale.

        We should be talking about how to maximize the consequences of the Republicans' actions in this case and not how to devise some additional Senate stage craft.  As far as I was concerned, the narrative of the story was on our side once the votes were counted - why mess with it and create confusion with a filibuster that would (if it could take place) allow the Republicans to cloud the issue with red herring tales about small businesses that will collapse under the weight of paying the minimum wage.

        Anyhow...  here is my story: The Senate voted - the Republicans blocked the bill - and Americans were once again denied a much needed raise.

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