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  •  Yes... 44 should have been enough to (2+ / 0-)

    stop Alito, alas.... to much conservatism in the Dems and Liberalism is demonized.  What you then have is conservative Dems are timid pussies when it comes to real Democratic issues and conservative Republicans are emboldened even more!!!  Quite predictable.

    That's why the Dems have to start standing for Liberal, or progressive or whatever you want to call it:  

    • That government is a tool of WE THE PEOPLE to build a livable society for all and not just to enrich a few;
    • that taxes are a price we pay for living in a civil society and the question is not how much, but who pays and for what;  
    • that science, reason and humanity are what you run your society by, not fairy tales for dysfunctional adult-children and suckers!  
    • That health care is a right, not a privilege (hat off to Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy, Bernie Sanders and a few others have been saying "[individual] right"!)
    • That quality education up through university is vital for a democracy and civil society for all; not testing to death all creativity and building obedient little worker bees, consumers and cannon fodder for the next war.

    In essence, promote and stand for ideas of all the people and not be suckered by the conservative/libertarian/neo-con ideas and feudal agendas that only usher in a kleptocracy or, for and by the few, screw the rest!!

    I want the promise, and evolving reality, of my country back!!

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