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  •  if only the Democrats did not have (0+ / 0-)

    people like Lieberman, and others {who I shall not name, since I don't want to start a pissing war} .. the Democrats could have prevented a cloture vote on SCOTUS nominations, on budget bills, on the bankrupcy bill .. the list gets really long.

    The number of Democratic Senators voting against what the majority of what most Kossacks wanted, a long list. It's not pretty.

    Democrats caved in and voted for cloture too many times, to shut off debate .. some will say so they would not be seen as being 'obstructionists', others will say they did it out of belief.

    Do we have to go down that road again?

    Bottom line is, Reid does not 'have to cave'. There are avenues open to this bill, including conference committee.

    Even if Democrats want to become like the Republicans were, they can't do that unless they get at least some of the Republicans to cross over {what Democrats did for the last 5 years}. So far, too few Republicans are willing to cross over.

    I predict that over time, especially as 2008 approaches, more and more Republicans up in 08 will cross over.

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