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  •  Are we in the "Crowded Theater?" (0+ / 0-)

    When I hear attitudes like this, I have to ask if we're in the theater Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes used in the Schenck decision: "The Right of Free Speech does not protect those who would falsely shout Fire in a theater and thereby start a panic."

    Among those a attending his trial were two people who aided Kopp while he was on the lam in Europe -- and on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list: Dennis Malvesi, himself a convicted clinic arsonist and his wife Loretta Marra. The Catholic couple served two and a half years of what could have been a long sentence, but they cut a deal with prosecutors.  Marra was asked by  The Buffalo News if she had any regrets in the role that she played in helping Kopp's run from the law,  she replied: "Only that I got caught."

    I'm not advocating an immediate crackdown, but the leaders of the Anti-Abortion movement should acknowledge the danger of their incendiary rhetoric. In the 34 years since Roe v. Wade, they have not seriously tried to persuade people that Personhood begins at conception; they've committed the plures interrogationes fallacy of assuming the issue was already settled. I strongly believe their Politics of Insult has substantially contributed to the mindset of extremists like Paul Hill, Michael Griffin, and Eric Rudolph.

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