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    Bill Evans at Mariposa

    I'd be the last person to dispute your first-person experience of political attitudes in small-town America. We DO have a lot of work in front of us--educating people, getting the progressive message out, registering non-voters, and so on.

    But something has changed in middle America since Ronald Reagan.

    When I  made that comment earlier, I was thinking of the remarkable split that's quietly opening up between evangelical Christianity, and the political right. The two were inseparable bedfellows for decades, and now you get prominent fundie preachers declaring publicly that they're "sick of being manipulated" by the neoconservative polticial machine. You get conservative preachers in megachurches adopting new policies of "political neutrality," and you have evangelical leaders speaking up against global warming, of all things. It's not like evangelical Christianity is going away, leaving only cosmopolitan liberals in its place. But still.

    Maybe I was trying to say, we have to get better at selling our message, because the time is ripe. The iron is hotter today than it's been in years.

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