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  •  As I mention elsewhere, I don't think it's gonna (3+ / 0-)
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    auditor, kurt, hulagirl

    happen.  Additionally, please understand that the scope of cross examination is generally limited to what was covered during direct examination.  IOW, if any of the triumvirate is called by Libby, Fitz would only be able to inquire about those matters discussed on their direct testimony and would not be allowed to use it as a general inquiry.  Just sayin'.

    •  yeahy, but libby's defense is a disaster (5+ / 0-)
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      3goldens, MajorFlaw, Stripe, kurt, hulagirl

      cross examination is limited to the topics discussed on direct examination, but scooter's defense opens that door PRETTY WIDE

      if dead eye dick testifies under direct examination that scooter was a very busy person, all of scooter's duties are open to cross examination

      like say, the duty to leak the name of a CIA Agent ...

      •  Opening the door wide for cross examination (7+ / 0-)

        is precisely why it is too risky to put any of these mofo's on the  stand.  Nobody but Fitz knows what all of them said to the grand jury.  Ever see someone show up as a witness and leave in handcuffs--I have.  Also, what we have so far are mere words.  We won't know what Libby's defense actually is until he presents his case.  Lawyers words and arguments are not evidence and should be looked at in that light.  I understand that if I'm wrong I'm gonna get the same treatment that Saddam did but I'm looking at it like a lawyer, albeit not a criminal lawyer.    

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