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  •  it is easy to forget, especially now, (1+ / 0-)
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    just how destructive the Bushista stance on science in general, and on stem cells in particular, has been to the US' standing in the world.

    I have never in my 48 yrs experienced anything so anti-science as this administration. Except, perhaps, the middle age vestiges of the USSR when the idea of genes were turned into a political football and when corn was going to replace wheat in Ukraine, leading to massive famine. What we have experienced in America on the issues of science is just as destructive as the Ukraine famine. Except, it might take longer for us to recover from all things Bush.

    One result of our brain-dead, lobotomized, and even insane policies on stem cells is that our leadership has gone missing. WE used to have the best peer review system in the world. Being published here, meant that the world looked at your results and learned from it. Was it perfect? of course not, no system can be But it was damned good.
    But, by baning federal funds, and attacking other lines of research, we deliberately and potentially permanently, removed our crown of scientific leadership and replaced it with "faith" in a make-believe god, based on a badly translated collection of fairy tales bound together from many ancient cultures.

    Had Bush not been president, the US would have been at the forefront of this technology. Had we the normal peer review and fact-checking system on stem cells, no scientist in South Korea, France or Niger would publish anything as fraudulent as what happened in South Korea. They would have known that our system would have outed them.

    I did not see the ad to which you refer. My only surprise is that it took the rabid reicht this long to come up with a plan to counter their abject failure and disasterous handling of Mike Fox's appearance on TV.  They have lots of money and they plan to use it.

    To counter that, we have rational thinking, science and logic. I hope it is enough. the 2006 results and the recent refusals in Ohio, Misery, Colorado, and other states on the issue of Indulgent Design also give me hope that America will shake off this Bushista nightmare of anti-science and faith based edukashun once and for all.

    But, if we are not vigilent now and in the future, these cretins in biblical clothing will come back like a bad penny, bringing ever more disaster and destruction in their wake. And so long as they try to change real science into biblical studies, we must stand and fight. Otherwise, we risk becoming willing participants, or at least negligently lazy observers while these asshole brainwash the minds of their children and ours. That constitutes nothing less than mental child abuse of the highest order.

    In the United States, doing good has come to be, like patriotism, a favorite device of persons with something to sell. - Mencken

    by agnostic on Sun Jan 28, 2007 at 08:26:35 AM PST

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