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  •  Thanks Tom! (7+ / 0-)

    I sure hope so :-)

    I'm applying like I figure I'll have to get something good at some point!

    •  Headhunter's comment re: job search (7+ / 0-)

      Elise: this isn't so much for you as for others in the middle of a job search.  Happy hunting!

      Never forget that aside from schooling and professional training, what you have done and never been paid for is important, too.

      Consider each piece of experience like a specialized tool.  They all go into your tool kit. Some jobs value that knowledge, others don't.

      When I was working I had one gigantic resume.  When I wanted to make a pitch to a prospective client, I reached into the tool kit, pulled out what they needed, and wrote a resume highlighting those tools.

      Mistakes most often made on interviews:
      As an applicant most people fail to realise that the most important thing to for the applicant to find out everything possible about the job - including the pay.

      If you are talking with someone from personnel, ask questions about the job.  If they don't have the answer, ask with whom you might talk who does unless the interviewer might be able to find out rather quickly.

      Find out if this is a new job or if you are replacing someone.  If it is new, what is driving the creation of the job?  If you are replacing someone, what about that person did co-workers appreciate most?  

      Are there additional areas a new person should know about?  Tell the interviewer that you believe no job is without its problems. Ask what his/her opinion is about problems that come with the job in question.

      If you think you want the job, say so clearly. Let them know why.

      llbear is trying to hybernate - and it's not going well

      by llbear on Sun Jan 28, 2007 at 05:45:27 PM PST

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