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View Diary: Protesters 'Allowed' to Spray Paint Capitol While 9 Arrested for Throwing Roses! (33 comments)

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    I'm not an expert on crowd control, but what you said doesn't jibe even remotely with my experiences of law enforcement controlling crowds. Zero tolerance is a much more common tactic.

    For instance, in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, you do anything even REMOTELY un-kosher, and you spend the night in lockup. No questions asked. Pissing in the street will earn you handcuffs instantaneously.

    The cops weren't worried much about violence. The few law enforcement who were obviously present were standing around, not to concerned about anything.

    And it was, in fact, an extraordinarily peaceful event.  No one would have batted an eye if a few kids in bandannas got arrested with spray cans. This was a protest of Raging Grannies infinitely more so than of raging anarchists.

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