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View Diary: Vilsack: Defund the War (178 comments)

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  •  Why wouldn't he block these efforts? (1+ / 0-)
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    Salvor Hardin

    He vetos any legislation "defunding" the war.

    If congress simply refuses the standard "supplemental budget" that has been the bulk of the war funding so far, he just then takes the money from other pentagon money pools - they are already doing this after all. And blaims the results on the Democrats.

    And when push comes to shove, he just misappropriates funds from other departments.He's the unitary executive after all.

    Sure, there might be a supreme court case over it, eventually, but it can probably be delayed til he's out of office now, what with his buddies running the show there.

    And in the end, he still has all the authority he needs to attack Iran, too. When he orders it, it will happen. The military leadership won't ask what congress thinks.

    all of this is just nipping around the edges. He has to be impeached at this point. Or overthrown. Or seriously threatened by it enough to be cowed. If 30% approval doesn't influence him, nothing short of that will. He will not play by the rules with Congress. He makes his own rules. I dare say that if he was impeached, he'd close the joint down.

    •  Slow down (0+ / 0-)

      take a breath or two


      but there is a process here and some of the situations that you suggest may play out, but you can't out-think yourself out of the game. it still must be played one move at a time.

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