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    David Boyle

    He already doesn't support the troops, and has already proven he is willing to throw their lives away for his own ambitions and his buddies' profiteering.


    there, does that change any practical aspect of this train of strategizing?

    Republicans will spin it as "We won't authorize a budget that doesn't fund the troops."

    Which do you think will get more airplay?

    Furthermore, the war has mostly been funded through "supplemental" appropriations, which can be completely presented as "Our troops in Iraq need this money right now. If you vote against it, they will not be able to defend themselves."

    This angle of attack is not likely to succeed on our part.

    On the other hand, I'm not sure anything is likely to succeed at this point, but this feels like nipping at the edges of the problem to me. Bush has to be removed from power to stop the war. That will kill any potential domestic agenda for the next year, and impeachment and removal is still a long way from a sure thing.

    I think the debate at this point is whether the Dems should try to work domestically with Bush to maybe get a few useful things done, or just start the impeachment. And that means - do we let the war go another half year to maybe get something done domestically, or not?

    What does King George do when he's impeached is the last fun part of the question. Will it be another tanks-surrounding-the-kremlin scene?

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