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View Diary: Vilsack: Defund the War (178 comments)

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  •  This is the tip of the Vilsack iceberg (4+ / 0-)

    This stance on Iraq shows that Vilsack is politically savvy enough to understand that staking out a Left wing position will help one's chances of winning, not hurt.  Not to mention that he is doing the right thing.

    I hope this will encourage everybody to look at the rest of his record as governor which includes:

    • Maintaining Iowa as #2 education state
    • More wind power per capita than any other state
    • Health care coverage surpassing 95% of kids and 90% of all Iowans
    • Extremely supportive and knowledgeable about Ethanol and other alternative fuels (Iowa is the top corn state, of course)
    • He has an amazingly compelling personal story of being an orphan and then being adopted by a troubled family
    • Balanced the budget and left his successor with a surplus! (sounds like Clinton....hmmm)
    • Iowa economy did quite well under his leadership (couldn't find the specific stats)
    • First Dem governor of Iowa to be re-elected and succeeded by another Dem in OVER 70 YEARS
    • LOWERED TAXES 8 YEARS IN A ROW WHILE ACHIEVING ALL OF THE ABOVE!! (lets see the GOP call him a tax and spend liberal with that record)

    I encourage you to watch his announcement speech

    Vilsack/Obama 2008? Obama/Webb 2016???

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