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View Diary: NH-Sen: Sununu runs from his record. Literally. (138 comments)

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    mango, arbiter

    I'm not really a newbie, but I haven't ever been able to really figure out the whole anonymity thing. On DKos, as I'm sure you know, prominent bloggers take voluntary leaves when they're outed, and commenters who attempt to out diarists are troll-rated.

    I realize that in some cases, being outed could cost someone their livelihood or bear other consequences, but what I can't understand is this. Most of the time, it seems, the only users who can be outed are the ones who use the same (or similar) username in another blog and mention their full name or location (or a combination that allows people to figure the rest out) on that blog.

    So if people are so afraid of being outed (and losing their jobs or some other consequence), why aren't they more careful about things? Pretty much anyone who wanted could figure out my full name. I use the same username in just about everything I do on the Internet, but I haven't done anything that would cost me my job.

    I'd never out someone though, and I definitely wouldn't support someone who did. Those are the rules of the site and I respect them, but I don't understand why some people feel they have this expectation of privacy when they're a lot less than careful with their online identities.

    -7.63, -7.59 "We've got to keep our heads together until this peace craze blows over." --- Pogue Colonel, "Full Metal Jacket"

    by droogie6655321 on Mon Feb 05, 2007 at 03:03:46 PM PST

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