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View Diary: McAuliffe channels Tancredo, while Hillary doesn't regret war vote (286 comments)

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  •  Sorry, Kos (11+ / 0-)

    McAuliffe's position is the proper position (although admittedly, he could have couched it more palatable words.)  Before we can have a working immigration system, the borders must be secure and folks who are illegally in this country must not be out in the open.

    I think that there are a lot of progressive folks like me that take certain attitudes that have long been associated with the conservative movement - immigration enforcement, no quotas (i.e., preferences, set-asides, etc.), welfare reform.  Indeed, back before Republicans became the corrupt, gilded class whoring, moralizing, budget-bustingly taxophobic, many of us were proud to be Republicans.  Being progressive does not mean giving up the power of the state, but rather to make sure the state uses its power to do what is right and good for its citizens.

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