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  •  Please don't forward until you learn the whole (1+ / 0-)
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    Here is a start:

    Pinnacle Armor FAILED Army Tests

    The Army's struggle to find a new, more flexible body armor was dealt a setback Friday when a California company's high tech Dragon Skin vests failed to pass military testing, a senior defense official said.

    After three days of testing this week, the Army determined that the body armor does not meet military specifications

    The DOD has already funded Pinnacle Armor

    Campbell said initial military tests on small sections of the Dragon Skin armor had disappointing results. He said Pinnacle has received $840,000 in research funding to develop improved armor.

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      You know, I doubt R. Lee Ermey would use his show "Mail Call" to test Dragon Skin if he thought it didn't merit a live fire test.  The episode will air on the History Channel on Friday, 16 February.    

      I'm doing some digging, and I do find it highly suspicious when one of the guys testing it says he won't continue the test because he doesn't understand the armor system.  To me, that is not grounds for stopping a test.  It's a really lousy excuse and doesn't pass my intellectual-integrity test.  It is grounds for finding other testers and continuing the process.  That is what OH is asking for -- a full, comprehensive, and impartial testing process, conducted by the military, not the competition.

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      by Noor B on Wed Feb 07, 2007 at 07:17:33 PM PST

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