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    That definitely goes double for you. You want to be very very careful here. You may be making money for posting. I'm not and when I see BS like that, I'm ready to rumble

    What I think is that you must be acquainted with Armor holdings intimately to put BS like this up. The facts are at

    DragonSkin is proven , tested and ready to go but Armor holdings is holding onto a lot more than a shit pile of money from contracts  for body armor and hummer armor. Where there is a lot of money involved there is usually a paid blogger who comes up with BS like the above and claims to know the facts.

    Well here are the facts, in fact an entire section of facts at Scroll down and Look for the section entirely devoted to the testing of Dragon skin. What should be of particular interest is that the Justice Dept passed Dragon Skin for all level three tests.

    The way I understand it, the army rigged it's test of Dragon Skin by firing multiple level four ( armor piercing rounds )rounds into Dragon Skin. When one pierced they proclaimed it a failure becuase it was not able to defeat level 3 threats which are rounds which have considerably less balassitic impact.

    Even stranger, Armor Holdings didn't subject their own armor to the level 4 rounds and on a very limited basis any level 3 as they know that they turn to mush after a single round or two if the wearer is lucky.

    Sounds like someone is posting for money and it ain't me.

    Careful indeed. Kids are dying wearing that crap. I hope you sleep well at night. But Like Sue Runyon who came before you, eventually shit rises to the top.

    Diebold, the hand of God
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    by Dburn on Wed Feb 07, 2007 at 08:28:02 PM PST

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