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    Given that control over your energy supply is a huge defense issue, both on a societal level and directly in prosecuting a war, the DOD should be eager to fund such activities. I mean, at the strategic level you don't want the economy to rely so heavily on foreign sources of energy because any prolonged war is likely to mean supply constraints. That, of course, means the economy gets strangled, reducing both the people's willingness to continue to fight and their ability to even produce the tools of war. Look no further than Czarist Russia in WWI or the South in the U.S. Civil War to see how necessary a strong economy is to prosecuting a war.

    It also matters on a tactical level. To the extent that you can reduce your reliance on long supply lines you make your army stronger and cheaper to maintain in the field. Granted, the need for supply lines and probably even oil won't ever go away, but even reducing such demands is a huge improvement.

    So, yeah, DOD should be far more interested in the topic than they seem to be.

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