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    Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia (I think). Really now, let's not go overboard either way. I would expect that the diarist hates the rest of the world as well as the US; generally when folks vent this way, there's still a whole lot left behind. But there's little point in venting over the rest of the world --- you don't speak their language.

    Nigeria is often at the point of civil unrest because minorities get into high office. Fiji has had a number of coups because the Indian minority has gotten the prime-ministership. Really, our current racism isn't so monstrous compared to the rest of the world, but we ain't no shining light either. I wouldn't be congratulating ourselves on the fact that Obama has a shot.

    Germany has a female in charge. England had Thatcher. France has Segolene, who has a better shot at the top than Obama. So I guess the diarist is right about the patriarch bit? ;)

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