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View Diary: Blogs you should be reading (even if Markos isn't) (313 comments)

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  •  Great list (7+ / 0-)

    Some I knew (BooTrib, MLW, ET), some I visit too damn seldom (Margaret Cho -- her "Goodbye" post from a year ago about the deaths of American soldiers still makes me weep), some I've never even thought of (skippy, Echidne, most of the others).

    Got this diary bookmarked in my "Blogs" folder.

    Thanks for the tips, Steven... :)

    •  Shit... (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Steven D

      just looked back and that "Goodbye" post is from April of 2004.

      And this damn war is still going on...

      An excerpt:

      Think of all the people you love. Think about how hard it would be to think about never seeing them again. Maybe even just one person. What if you didn't get to say goodbye? What if you didn't get to tell them the most important thing, that you had meant to tell them, but you kept putting it off, and procrastinating, and forgetting, and then you suddenly found out that you would never be able to do it because they were gone, forever. You'd lost them, forever. How would you feel?

      What if what you had to say was, "I love you?" What if this was your lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife? You would never hold them again, feel them next to you, be sure in the love that you had. You would never think about the future, plan what you want to do next time you both have time to take a vacation together, wonder if the Yucatan or the Amazon is a romantic adventure or too scary because you share a fear of certain insects and tree frogs. Or if Paris is just too expensive. You wouldn't wonder if waterparks are too cold to go to in the fall or if you'd have to wait until summer. There would be no more summers together, because their time has been snatched away from you.

      You will never make love, laugh, fight, eat, go to the movies, kiss, smile, dance, sing, run, skate, play the piano, swim, buy candy for, argue jokingly, tell stories, look longingly at, jump on the bed, pet the dogs with your faces, sing along with the song in the car and get the words wrong, share a secret, gossip, cop a feel, go to a concert of a band you both adore, share a really good meal, carpool with people you don't like and make fun of them secretly, cry, comfort, scratch their back, insist on pizza, catch them staring at you, put your arms around their shoulders, stay up too late, lean against the warmth of their body, feel safe with their feet sliding next to yours in bed, raise your children, go to boring dinner parties and get too drunk to drive so you have to sleep in the car, spend alternate holidays with each other's families, have uncontrollable lust with - followed by mind blowing fuck sessions lasting for hours and hours at a time, take a bath so hot one of you has to get out, all red and dizzy and wet and naked but not embarrassed, because this is who you love, and rarely are you ever shy with them, watch a tv show you both hate because the remote control is broken - merely happily and maybe sometimes unhappily share your life, and be with this person, but you can't, because they are dead. Suddenly, irretrievably, unexpectedly, unjustly, unfairly, untimely - unconscionably, dead.

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