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  •  Lazy me just may have to leave home (3+ / 0-)
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    I first discovered dailykos about six months ago after first going on (yeah, really) which was, of course, what you would expect.  So this site seemed like sublime brilliance, and I was in love.

    Like one's first romance, first kiss, or first ...well, you know, it seemed like perfection.  I thought I had found my ideal intellectual community, something that was lacking at Columbia Graduate School, really lacking.

    But then there is the anger, the blind rage that shows up here at selected targets.  When one of these marked people are flamed, with language that should offend any reasonable individual, they never get a criticism, much less a troll rating.

    So, I've heald back expressing something that would identify me with marked concepts, such as Lieberman, Nader, Clinton and anything that approached other than complete complience with what starts to sound like a "party line"

    I do need to look around.  I'm sure there are other blogs where my perspective, a liberalism that is all the stronger because I understand and respect those reasonable people on the other side.  And there are a few, actually a long and decent tradition, that deserves at least an in depth understanding.

    Sadly, and too often, there is only rage, or biting sarcasm. And I really can't change this culture and am a bit foolish to try.  

    •  sorry you feel that way. any community... (1+ / 0-)
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      with such a large number of opinionated, passionate people may tend to develop that way.  There's a lot of intellect here but also a lot of emotion and frustration and yes, rage.

      Believe it or not, most of us were once where you are, if not actually former Republicans or centrists, then formerly believers in the middle way, in the "reasonable people on the other side."  And I'm certain there are still a few of those reasonable people, but the problem is, they've been drowned out by such outrageous venom, strident prejudice, incompetence and flagrant criminality on the right that, in reaction, we have arisen in anger to counter that.

      I used to be a Republican, I used to have a respect for that tradition you speak of, but the radicalism of the right, the neocons and the religious fanatics and those who profit from fear, have radicalized me to the left.  But I am still a middle-aged mom, married, working full time, trying to make ends meet.  This place has been an outlet for frustration.  

      We're not bad people.  We're not frothing at the mouth.  We believe in our nation's founding principles, and we don't like what the past six years have done to them.  

      You are welcome here, even if you don't feel it is your venue.  

      (Insert witty quotation or pithy truism of your choice here.)

      by marjo on Sat Feb 10, 2007 at 07:30:08 AM PST

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