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  •  Talk to Action (2+ / 0-)
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    UniC, Steven D

    I can't complain about being deblogrolled, because Talk to Action, was not on kos blogroll in the first place. Nor is it on very many of the Bigger Blogrolls, as far as I know. (MLW, Orcinus and Jesus General being notable exceptions that spring immediately to mind.)  

    I will say this about that.

    We don't link to very many blogs either for a variety of reasons, but we do link to some of the major blogger communities without asking for reciprocity.

    Historically, most of mainstream and progressive political and religious culture opted not to look at the religious right very closely or take it very seriously.  That's why Talk to Action exists. Some, but far from all of what we post is cross posted here and elsewhere around the blogosphere. I like to think we have made some difference in contributing to a more knowledgable and thoughtful discourse on the subject.

    Recent diaries to the contrary, the religious right and the wider conservative movement is far from dead, and retains the strategic advantage of being not very well understood.

    Being blogrolled more widely would be helpful, but more importantly, I hope people will take a little more time to read up and think about the religious right and what to do about it. The CW about the religious right that comes out from Inside the Beltway has been radically wrong over the years, and it shows few signs of changing.

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