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    HarveyMilk, grayslady

    Sirota wasn't using the citation of the uninsured to point out Obama's position on universal health care.

    He was using it to make the point that the groups which are lobbying to maintain the status quo on health care policy are extremely vested in that status quo.

    And as a consequence, are not likely to give up their golden egg "profiteering" off of the sick without a bloody fight.

    The point was about the best method to achieve universal health care - pretend that we all just need to get along more so that a "compromise" can be reached, or hunker down for a fight.

    Now, as best as I can tell, that's what Sirota was saying.

    As for my position, I also think we need to fight. The forces of the status quo are radical in their views. They believe that the free market should be allowed to wave its invisible hand and let the uninsured masses be damned.

    You don't compromise with that.

    The oil companies are radical in their efforts to stifle any efforts to reduce the consumption of their productto save the planet from catestrphic climate change.

    These people are literally risking 6the very posterity of our species and the planet to make a buck.

    You don't compromise with that. You defeat it. Dead.

    You defeat them.

    •  "Bullshit" right back at ya (0+ / 0-)

      Great subject heading. In fact, here's an even more effective response (adding capital letters and exclamation point): "BULLSHIT!". Or, no, wait, "bull fucking shit!".

      I agree with you that "the groups which are lobbying to maintain the status quo . . . are not likely to give up their gold egg 'profiteering' off of the sick without a bloody fight."

      That's why these groups would be unequivocally opposed to Obama's clear, explicit foregrounding of "universal coverage" at the center of his announcement.

      That's why it is misleading to suggest that Obama is asking for "unity" with the very interests that his policies are explicitly opposed to.

      "We have found the weapons of mass destruction" -- George Bush, May 30, 2003

      by awol on Sat Feb 10, 2007 at 06:28:30 PM PST

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      •  What policies? (0+ / 0-)

        What health care policiy are the 'interest' exp0licitly opposed to?

        Has he put forward the extension of midicare to all Americans? Or any other single player plan?

        Just curious.

        Sorry bout the harshness of my headline. Nothing personal.

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