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View Diary: Salon Calls Obama "Uppity" (157 comments)

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    it was good overall. It made a lot of sence that Obama could not pull off the black power bit, it just isn't him. He is like Tiger Woods and the newer "multi-ethnic" folks (like my own son really), who are the result of mixed marriages instead of fleeting contacts or basically forced sexual contacts. It seems that he was very uncomfortable trying to do that than he is being himself. It is very difficult for the multi-racial to work through all their identities. In the old days it was simple, unless you could pass, you were black and that was that. It seems that when he was younger he had to accept being black because that's how society labeled him, later he had to accept being white as well.

    However... "uppidy" is a throw back to the worst racism that exsisted in this country. Do you know how many black men were lynched for "forgetting their place" and getting "uppidy"?

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