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View Diary: Salon: Obama Used to Be "Uppity" (353 comments)

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  •  Now we need a non-repub prezident (0+ / 0-)

    to keep this country alive. Otherwise we'll have much too many never's.

    Even in normal times, I would support arguments like "Let's elect her because we ever want a woman president", or "black president", etc. That is like some California cons saying "Let's change consitution to allow Terminator be a president, because... it's been a while since the last constitutional ammendment".

    That does not mean I would not vote for a woman or an African American. But at this time, I would not hardly support a Democratic candidate with a PR handicap (yes, handicap for this country at this time) like that. Especially if I do not like political styles (and substances, if I can see them) of Hillary, and Obama as well.

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