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  •  I call myself prgressive, but I stand here: (0+ / 0-)

    ABORTION -- Hate it personally,will defend a woman's right with my life if neccesary
    AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Modified significant;ly
    BUDGET & TAXES I'm a fiscal conservative, but I'd slash the Def.bud & use the wealth to fund assistance programs.
    CAMPAIGN & POLITICAL REFORM I'm all for eliminating campaign contributions entirely & creating federal funding.
    CRIME, DEATH PENALTY & DRUGS wow. these should be broken up:
    CRIME: think it's bad, but our priorities are all screwed up
    DEATH PENALTY: I think that if you're a vicious serial killer it might be okay, but otherwise I'd rather have you make license plates for the rest of your days.
    DRUGS: Legalize them -- and make the laws retroactive to release everyone currently in jail for minor drug offenses.
    EDUCATION: All for it, and should be paid for by the government.
    ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE Scared to death about what we're doing to the planet
    EUTHANASIA ("Right-to-Die") Amen. Death with dignity and peace.
    PATRIOT ACT: Repeal tha sumbitch
    GAY MARRIAGE OR CIVIL UNIONS? the more the merrier!
    GUNS: a necessary evil.Don'tlike them, but you've got the right
    HEALTH CARE: single payer, please
    IMMIGRATION: sometimes, strong fences make good neighbors.
    TRADE: tighten controls, repeal NAFTA/CAFTA
    IRAQ WAR: end it yesterday
    SOCIAL SECURITY: critical for our future. we should fund it better

    oh, and welcome back.Nice new disguise!

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