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  •  Okay. (6+ / 0-)

    I might have to copy this over to my bio at some point:

       * ABORTION: Pro-choice.
       * AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: Not something I think about. I'll get back to you.
       * BUDGET & TAXES: Balanced budget - raise taxes for top 1% and corporations. Aggressively enforce corporate tax laws.
       * CAMPAIGN & POLITICAL REFORM: I'm liking public campaign financing, with Fairness Doctrine and set amounts of air time/page space in media.
       * CRIME, DEATH PENALTY & DRUGS: Demilitarize the police, defund the war on drugs and replace with education and treatment. I'd be good with a fairly-applied death penalty, but that's not going to happen, so get rid of it.
       * EDUCATION: That would be a good idea.
       * ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE: Kyoto and "moral-equivalent-of-war" push for alternate energy sources. I'm good with nuclear. Anything to get the oil monkey off our backs, our national security depends on it.
       * EUTHANASIA ("Right-to-Die"): None of my goddamn business.
       * PATRIOT ACT: Repeal immediately.
       * GAY MARRIAGE OR CIVIL UNIONS?: Gay marriage.
       * GUNS: I absolutely support private firearm ownership.
       * HEALTH CARE: National health care.
       * IMMIGRATION: We don't have an illegal immigration problem. We have a lawless employer problem.
       * TRADE: Another wonderful idea - maybe negotiating minimum wages and workplace standards with our trading partners - looks like a good place for trade unions.
       * LABOR UNIONS (WORKER'S RIGHTS): Funny, I was just talking about you.
       * IRAQ WAR: At this point it's an occupation, and we need to get out now.
       * SOCIAL SECURITY: Ain't broke - doesn't need fixing.

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