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  •  My views have changed... (2+ / 0-)
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    ABORTION - Modestly pro-choice.  Wasn't always.
    AFFIRMATIVE ACTION - Kind of for it.  It would be better if we could get to a point when it wouldn't be necessary.  Not there yet.
    BUDGET&TAXES - ?  Tax wealth, not work.  Balanced budgets are desirable but not necessary.
    CAMPAIGN&POLITICAL REFORM - For.  In 2002 more representatives were reelected than was usual in the Soviet Politburo.  And then the Iraq War Resolution was passed.  Coincidence?  Hell no.
    CRIME,DEATH PENALTY,DRUGS - Tough on violent crime.  No to the death penalty - too arbitrary.  Funny view on drugs: Let's trade.  Make alcohol illegal, and legalize marijuana.  
    ENVIRONMENT&CLIMATE CHANGE - Yes, global warming is caused by human activities.  I support nuclear power.
    EUTHANASIA - (Right to Die) Support.
    PATRIOT ACT - Kill most parts.
    GAY MARRIAGE - Gay marriage yesterday.
    GUNS - State and local issue.  Don't care.  Don't shoot me.
    HEALTH CARE - Universal, but not necessarily single-payer.
    IMMIGRATION - Tough one.  No walls, but let's realize that we're paying for their health care.  It's not fair.
    TRADE - I dunno.  The opposite of whatever Friedman says.
    LABOR UNIONS - Important issue!  We need them, badly!
    IRAQ WAR -  $*@#$%&@#$%.
    SOCIAL SECURITY - It's good stuff.  No worries.

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