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  •  Hmm... (5+ / 0-)

    ABORTION - pro choice


    BUDGET & TAXES I'd rather they tax rich folks more, and not balance the budget on the backs of our elderly, children, special needs folk, or the poor.

    CAMPAIGN & POLITICAL REFORM - No more accepting money/gifts/plane rides/dinner/etc. from lobbyists.  

    CRIME, DEATH PENALTY & DRUGS - Time should fit the crime and we should focus on rehabilitation, abolish the death penalty. Drugs like marijuana should be legalized, and there should be mandatory drug/rehabilitation counseling for all other drugs.

    EDUCATION - Everyone should have the means to attend schools for higher education if that's what they want.  An educated populace is a boon, not a losing proposition.

    ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE - We should become greener, focus on changing the way we use energy.

    EUTHANASIA ("Right-to-Die")- That should be left up to the individual and his/her family.

    PATRIOT ACT - Get rid of it NOW!

    GAY MARRIAGE OR CIVIL UNIONS? One should be allowed to marry whomever they want, period.

    GUNS - I don't know... The Constitution gives us the right to bear arms...

    HEALTH CARE - Single payer all the way

    IMMIGRATION - We need to work out something equitable as far as immigration is concerned, but I can't tell you what would be right and honest.

    TRADE - What would work?

    LABOR UNIONS (WORKER'S RIGHTS)- Every citizen should have the right to unionize without fear of losing their job.

    IRAQ WAR - Get out NOW!

    SOCIAL SECURITY - Make changes to help out our poor elderly.  Not everyone can invest in the stock market or in IRA's for that matter if they've been making minimum wage for all of their working lives.

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