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     *ABORTION Pro-choice; information and contraceptives readily available and improve sex education to make it rare through lack of need rather than by law
      * AFFIRMATIVE ACTION In favor if it is applied in a fair and sane manner
      * BUDGET & TAXES.  Fiscal discipline.  Close loopholes and identify REAL efficiencies. Eliminate earmarks Restore pay as you go and higher taxes on upper brackets.
      * CAMPAIGN & POLITICAL REFORM. Shorten campaign season and publicly finance candidates. Eliminate all gifts, trips and special perks.
      * CRIME, DEATH PENALTY & DRUGS. Anti-mandatory sentences; anti-death penalty; decriminalize possession of most drugs.
      * EDUCATION. Equalize funding for each school district, provide early educational opportunities where needed and develop educational material that challenges and promotes creative thinking and problem solving skills.
      * ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE.  Mandatory MPG for vehicles Fund alternative energy research and implementation Tax credits for using energy saving alternatives Sign Kyoto.
      * EUTHANASIA ("Right-to-Die") In favor, only with clear capacity and consent
      * PATRIOT ACT repeal immediately, if not sooner.
      * GAY MARRIAGE OR CIVIL UNIONS?  Civil Unions for everyone with the same benefits and responsibilities which currently apply to marriage. Make Marriage a religious only ceremony that are defined by each religious entity.  
      * GUNS regulate handguns and automatic weapons.  Leave sport hunters alone.
      * HEALTH CARE Universal, single payer.
      * IMMIGRATION Enforce existing laws on employers hiring illegal workers. Seal the borders, increase legal immigration quotas and personnel available to process request; loosen standards for asylum
      * TRADE Fair Trade
      * LABOR UNIONS (WORKER'S RIGHTS) Laws allowing workers to form unions and stiff penalties on companies that deny this right.  
      * IRAQ WAR: Redeployment as soon as can be implemented
      * SOCIAL SECURITY -- Maintain current program and raise caps if necessary. Initiate process (??) whereby funds are keep separate

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