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    Steven D

    If we're going back to the original argument, it was you who brought up Gore not me. I would say the real comparison is between Horner or Chriton and the IPCC.

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        addressing the point. The point I made in my original comment was that these guys, Chrichton and Horner had no credibility compared to the IPCC report which just came out.
        You sidetracked me by bringing up Gore, and I fell for it, fine, congratulations, you score a rhetorical point, but my original point remains, and I am still waiting for you to address it.
        These guys have no credibility. A major world scientfic body just told us how bad global warming is and the only response for the other side is by a right wing gadfly who writes on almost every subject and a Science Fiction author.
        If you think the credibilty issue is unimportant that just say so, I believe it is critical.

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