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  •  Contact YOUR Congresscritters (2+ / 0-)
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    macdust, indycam

    they'll be more likely to listen to you, especially if you have friends who also call/write.

    They do listen, but you have to make sure they know you're serious. Get them on your side if you want them to get your view out. Having contacts in the community will help.

    Because you'll be influencing people who can VOTE for them. If you've got 20 friends, and they've got families/friends/coworkers who they might influence - doing something that gets them in YOUR good graces might be the difference between winning and losing next time.

    Don't think they don't know it.

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      If you didn't contribute big bucks to the last campaign, good @#%@# luck.

      I was in the anti-war movement before the war, and we were organizing delegations this big or bigger to go personally and physically visit the congresscritters in our area.  You'd think 50 citizens coming to their office, and trying to set up an appointment to talk to them would have even more impact than letters and calls.

      We couldn't even get in the door.  

      If you ain't carrying a checkbook to write them a big check, you'll get maybe some lipservice.  But I'll guarantee they don't give a damn what you think.

      "I will not vote for or support any candidate for Congress or President who does not support a speedy end to the war in Iraq."

      by COBear on Wed Feb 14, 2007 at 06:32:39 PM PST

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