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View Diary: Cut the Funding: I'm a Soldier and I Approve this Message (250 comments)

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  •  Its also time the soldiers spoke out (5+ / 0-)

    I mean I can see its a lost cause and today they insurgents shot down a helicopter.
    6 more US died
    7000 Iraqi refugees (who will vote Dem when they naturalize)
    These Soldiers are on the ground and should be able to see this lost cause for themselves!

    dumbya is praying for the best here and hoping that the surge stalls the violence.

    Soldiers must say enough!
    There was no WMD
    There was no link between Sadaam and Al Queda
    And no, they will not hit here if the US forces leave there!
    And even if they did, is that a reason to stay in Iraq? spend 400B and thousands of US lives to "perhaps" prevent a possible attack? Is the US now operating on a principle of fear?

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