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  •  Well, I'm sorry you've had some (0+ / 0-)

    of those experiences with active duty troops.  I guess there are a lot of those people out there.  As to your friend, he sounds pretty narrow-minded, but of course, I don't know him.  I'm not sure many troops do vote mindlessly Republican anymore.  I know they did in years past, but I think with the current war, that's beginning to change.  On war crimes and atrocities, it all depends on the situation.  I'll be honest...war itself is an atrocity and a crime (usually), so it stands to reason that atrocities and crimes are going to occur.  It's human nature.  I categorize war crimes and atrocities two ways: 1.) Those caused by inordinate stress on the perpetrator and 2.) Those caused by a lack of discipline in the unit.  The first reason is unfortunate, but unavoidable in war.  The second is what shitbag units do--like the one at Abu Ghraib--and that type shouldn't be allowed to happen.  Anybody guilty of committing crap like that should be jailed--along with their chain of command in many cases.

    Hope this answers some of your questions.


    •  re: like the one at Abu Ghraib (1+ / 0-)
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      The Angry Rakkasan

      I'm not extremely well read in this, but I seem to recall (detailed in Fiasco, IIRC) that the unit(s) at Abu Ghraib were being sent an incredible number of detainees, orders of magnitude beyond what the facility could reasonably handle.  I think that they even traced back the overcrowding, because some manuever units were sending truckloads of people instead of delibrately choosing who to send.

      Assuming that this is even partially correct, I'd say it's less likely that the units were shitbag units.  It seems more likely they fall into the "inordinate stress" category.  I'm not sure if the same could be said for the manuever units detaining people en masse.

    •  Thanks again! (0+ / 0-)

      Thank you for responding! The troops and veterans I had bad experiences with were mostly Marines, so that doesn't reflect on any of the other branches. In all honesty, I can't stand the Marine Corps. I guess that's because I grew up with it! Nonetheless, I respect my Dad and feel bad for him how this war has shaken his reality.
      I understand what you mean about war crimes. I just hope that this stress and the horrible actions resulting from it are never condoned or ignored. When I heard about that Marine who raped and murdered that 15 year old Iraqi girl, I felt no empathy for him. His excuse was stress, yet he committed a deed that is unforgivable. I was happy that he was tried and jailed: quite frankly, he should be executed for that sick deed.
      If he were a civilian doing that, stress would be a shitty excuse. I have no respect for human garbage like him. Yes, he's in a war zone. Yes, the government shouldn't put the troops in stressful situations. Likewise, I have never been in a war. I don't know what it's like to survive in a battle. But there are laws of war and human dignity.
      Like you said though, war is generally a bad thing. We should do all we can to prevent war and find alternatives to war. For that matter, we need a non-interventionist, realist foreign policy.
      I'm happy that there's guys like you who understand this. I hope other soldiers take you seriously, as well as troops in the other branches. Thanks for proving that not all military personnel are Republican-voting foot soldiers. I need to remember that you guys are only human, though, and not be so self-righteous.
      Take care and thanks again!

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