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  •  I think Giuliani is going to get the nod (0+ / 0-)

    Just like most other democrats, I thought that Rudy had no shot, and his candidacy was a joke.

    But I've talked to some of my conservative friends - true conservatives, not GW Bush conservatives who believe in larger government for their own ends - and they really feel like Rudy is the guy, even with his pro-choice and gun control stances.

    They don't care for McCain, and Romney's no favorite (plus he raises the whole 'Is being Mormon ok with the public?' issue).  

    The key is who the conservative powerbrokers back.  It doesn't matter nearly as much who the rank-and-file wants.  That's how W got on the ticket in 2000, the 'big boys' slimed McCain into oblivion.

    Right now, I think Rudy's the guy.  He's garnering the proper 'base' support he needs, and making amends for his 'lefty' views.  He's very pro-business, has that 'executive' feel, is old enough but not too old, and has the 9/11 'take-charge' profile which conservatives swoon for.  

    He'll be a tougher candidate than many of us care to admit, but I hope he is the nominee.  Though it won't be easy, he will lose, and his negatives will be too much for him to overcome.

    •  would you care to elaborate? (0+ / 0-)

      Universal, would you mind elaborating on the following?

      He's garnering the proper 'base' support he needs, and making amends for his 'lefty' views.

      I don't follow Guiliani all that closely. What "lefty" views has he renounced?

      •  The pro-choice and gun control ones, primarily (1+ / 0-)
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        These are the two biggest 'lefty' obstacles Rudy has to square with the conservative base.

        He's already taken significant steps on both, letting it be known that he will appoint judges favorable to the pro-life position, and also explaining that his pro-gun control stance was necessary to clean up New York City.

        Two weeks ago, I was just laughing off Giuliani's possible candidacy.  But I think the conservative establishment is really leaning towards him.  I think this week Bush was pumping him up, and he has the right profile/background that many of the base can get behind, much more so than 'Maverick' McCain or 'Flip-Flop, He's Mormon' Romney.  I don't see Gingrich as really being in this yet, so I can't rate him.

        If Rudy does get the nod, I feel good about the Democrats' chances.  There's so much dirt on him (3 marriages, recent 'weirdo' leaks, Kerik (sp?) links, his 'lefty' positions, ...) that I feel the democrats will be able to defeat him, but it's not going to be easy.

        Just my take.  :)

        •  Wow, what weirdo leaks? (0+ / 0-)

          I guess I need to read up on Guiliani.

        •  thanks (0+ / 0-)

          Thanks for filling in the gaps, Universal. I agree that Rudy seems like a more credible first-tier challenger today then he did just a month or two ago.

          Do you think that his stances on gay rights will become an issue during the campaign? As I recall, his record as mayor of New York was not good, but comparatively better than most other Republicans.

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