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  •  That is true. (0+ / 0-)

    An atheist couple that is married by a justice of the peace in a secular ceremony in the city hall still has all the legal and social rights that a religious couple who was married in church does.

    Atheists are definitely more discriminated against than members of minority religions, though. Even Wiccans and Scientologists seem to be given more leeway than atheists. It's something to work on--it seems like Joe Public associates "atheist" with "anti-religion" and therefore an antagonist, which is a perception I think we could change if we worked at it hard enough. I'm actually heartened to see the progress that's been made for gay people--more than half of Americans would consider voting for a gay president! Or at least would tell a pollster so, meaning that they realize doing otherwise would be bigoted! That's real progress.

    •  Nah, it's communism. (0+ / 0-)

      Atheism isn't the new Gay. It's the new Jew. They switched up the player in the 50's.

      It's always "Godless Commies." Before WWII it was "Jewish Bolzheviks," but that got them to close to the Nazi's in the common mind, so they switched it up.

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