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  •  I'm still not feeling the outrage. (0+ / 0-)

    Well if it was so inappropriate for Catholic priests to touch boys, why was the scandal more about the Church covering it up than the actual abuse?

    The very fact it was a scandal, and that there was a cover up, shows that the acts went against the expressed standards of the institution.

    Mormons didn't "cover up" polygamy because polygamy was expressly approved of.  If there were any tenets of the mormon faith MORE standard and "official", I'm not sure what they were.  

    So the situation is hardly analogous, and something of an insult to catholics to make a scandal, even one with widespread participation, into "appropriate" behavior.  

    As for the Inquisition sketch, the target was not the Catholic Church or Catholics, per se, but the idiocy and tail-eating logical spiral that was the Inquisition itself.

    Nor was the joke above "targeted" at the Mormons or Mormanism itself.  It was about the poll with the number of marriages and the religion of Mitt Romney.  And it was funny, which is ninety percent of making something acceptable, IMO.

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