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View Diary: Welcome New Users (The Treachery of Images) 2/16/07 (99 comments)

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    ek hornbeck

    You're tugging at my heart & soul here. Wish I had some nectar for you to drink and gain refreshment. Or at least that you could lean on me.

    My sense is that it's really slow this evening for some reason. Fridays tend to be anyway but barely anyone in TC this evening and even CeeJay was light, not to mention how easy it was to get on the Top Mojo list (provided one could get the numbers of course).

    Seems it should be well past your bedtime. Very late (or very early depending on perspective) in your world.

    How's the healing and the dancing?

    Mais, la souris est en dessous la table, le chat est sur la chaise et le singe est... est... le singe est disparu! -- Eddie Izzard

    by CSI Bentonville on Sat Feb 17, 2007 at 12:05:55 AM PST

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