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View Diary: Lieberman: "I'd Walk Three Miles to Support a Stupid War!" (306 comments)

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  •  Do I care if he honors the Sabbath? (4+ / 0-)
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    Marie, KathleenM1, trinite, adrianrf

    No. Would I admire his piety if he did? No. Do I think that a public servant elected by all the people should not do his job because of his faith? No way. If you can't work on the Sabbath, and your job requies it, then goddammit don't take that job. Whether a Jew who can't work on the Sabbath, or a pharmacist who won't dispense birth control, I am sick and tired of being asked to make accomodations for people who live by rules that make no sense. Do I sound intolerant? Yes.  Sorry, I'm really tired of the religion thing. Time for some common sense and rationality. /end rant

    •  I assume... (4+ / 0-)
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      TiaRachel, judy99, steep rain, Emet

      that voting on a Saturday would not be considered 'work', but rather 'duty', something that is allowed on the Sabbath.

      You know, if you have a sense of history, this argument comes up again and again. Orthodox Jews have fought and died for our country on Saturdays, and they deserve our respect for accommodating the Christian majority in their insistence that Sundays somehow remain off limits, but that their holy days are ok. This also applies to the Seventh-Day Adventists, Muslims, etc.

      I find the whole link between his voting record (which I also do not like) and his faith to be inappropriate.

    •  It's not intolerant to expect (3+ / 0-)
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      KathleenM1, oxley, adrianrf

      people whose jobs require some kind of service to the general public to abide by the rules of the general public and not to their own version.  

      •  That's why Lieberman voted... (2+ / 0-)
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        TiaRachel, oxley

        however, please remember that when you write "rules of the general public", you actually mean "Christian majority" and not the Jews, Seventh-Day Adventists, Muslims and atheists who religiously don't give a damn about Holy Sunday.

        This is multiculturalism 101.

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