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View Diary: Lieberman: "I'd Walk Three Miles to Support a Stupid War!" (306 comments)

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    Is it not true that what HoJo is bloviating about will result in dead, maimed, psychologically damaged Americans whom the insane government of this nation has not intention of caring for?

    Cost too much you see.

    I propose that for every Friedman Unit that the war continues that one Senator be selected, by lot, and he or she be trained and equipped exactly as the troops going to Iraq are being.

    Then that Senator is shipped out to Iraq.

    And when their shredded corpse is returned to 'the land of the free and the home of the brave...' it is to be displayed in the Senate chamber for a week before being interred.

    In ancient Rome, which Byrd is so fond of bloviating about, if you hadn't been shown to be capable of leading militarily you didn't get to send others to their bloody end.


    I don't think anything I can say is going to be too 'harsh' for Joey the Liarmann and his buddies in the Senate.


    I will stand by my statement.

    'I'm writing as Nestor since scoop in it's awesome wisdom won't let me use my real screen name: A.Citizen'

    by Nestor Makhnow on Sat Feb 17, 2007 at 01:12:39 PM PST

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