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View Diary: News from the North: Anne of Green Gables Edition (Canadiana Rescue 2/11-2/17) (29 comments)

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    Loved my visit to PEI ... Went a couple of summers back w/ a bunch of friends. We rented a cottage for a week and travelled all over the Island. Where we stayed was close to Green Gables, and of course we spent some time there. I have this old Anne doll, and we brought it along and took pix of 'Anne' in all the spots -- like the haunted wood and in the house ... LOL

    One of the most remarkable things are the red dirt roads. Fascinating. And the singing sands beach -- where the sand actually makes noise as you walk on it.

    And then there's the potato museum! LOL

    Oh, and they also have a centre for Barnardo Children, which my grandfather was.

    •  if you have any pictures... (1+ / 0-)
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      that you want to share, or have up already, I would love a link! Your photography is amazing!

      •  This was before I had my camera ... (1+ / 0-)
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        aphra behn

        I've only been doing the photography thing for a couple years now. The PEI photos are non-digital ones that were taken by the group. I'd love to go back now w/ my camera in tow. We've got a friend who lives in Charlottetown and an open invitation to stay w/ her. Just have to get our butts in gear. Thanks again for the kind words, it really means a lot. And kudos again on a wonderful diary. I watched Anne of GG last night in your honour. :)

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