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    This morning, presidential lying was being discussed on Washington Journal.  I caught the discussion after it had already started, but I was shocked to hear the speaker say that everyone believed that there were wmd's in Iraq and that even John Edwards had said that if everyone else had seen the intelligence reports on wmd's, that they might have voted for the war too.  I don't accept that explanation for a minute.  First, the term "wmd's" is a clever way of concealing exactly what kind of "weapons" and how many were supposedly in Saddam's possession.  Next, no proof was ever given that these wmd's existed.  If intelligence reports had proof of weapons or anything else, why was that proof hidden from the public?  If you had been trying to convince the world that a war was necessary, wouldn't you provide all the proof you possibly could?  Wouldn't you want to convince other nations that they needed to help us because the threat was real?  It was extremely obvious that there was no proof, that they hoped that they would find some weapons and/or biological or chemical threats that they could use to justify what they thought would be a quick victory that would make everyone forget about wmd's.  Winning always has a way of making people forget your lies.  Also, the U.S. would never have gone into Iraq if we thought they really had anything nuclear.  These lies weren't even what might be called clever or smart.  They were obvious, pompous, and what makes it worse, the people who made them were allowed to get away with them by enablers in the media and press.  Let's get one thing straight.  You don't start a dangerous war because you think something might exist.  You have to know exactly what that something is and you have to have proof or evidence that it exists.  You have to make your proof public.  Kennedy wasn't afraid to make his proof public during the Cuban missile crisis.  Evidence is only hidden when its reliability is in question.  

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