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  •  no privatisation, it is poison to civil society (1+ / 0-)
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    thanks for this well-thought out & nicely linked diary. it's especially timely because of the halliburton halls-of-plenty dotting the countryside, filled presently with immigrants, but the gates are waiting for ordinary citizens without wealthy protectors.

    america's prisons are the fountainhead for the torture scenarios in abu ghraib, guantanamo, and the rendition system--the crime of prison rape is a top-down decision: it happens because the administration ALLOWS it to happen.

    the torture mindset. the idea that there are so many many people 'beyond the pale' of proper humanity, beyond the refuge of habeas corpus. rape is right there in the decision that these people, identified as "other" [terrorist threats] suddenly don't deserve fundamental rights.

    privatisation therefore is untenable: the goal of these companies is to make money by separating people from the rest of the citizenry. care of those people they immure in their facilities is limited to simple incarceration.

    most people in prison will at some point hit the streets again; oversight of the conditions of their imprisonment OUGHTA BE the society's concern--a good government (oh well, there goes the theory huh) would be concerned with the manner in which people imprisoned--and released--are treated.

    this concern for how the convicted are treated does not preclude consideration for victims [an idea which is thrown into the mix at every opportunity], it is simple pragmatism for the overall health of a society.

    prison rape starts at the time of an arrest and continues beyond release back to the streets.


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