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  •  Strategically, it makes sense (3+ / 0-)
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    Obama's a candidate who's extremely vulnerable to a smear tactic campaign.  The race card, his middle name, even the excessive media hype makes him "Obambi" vulnerable to campaign pros on Hillary's team or the Rovian types among the Republicans.

    Obama needs a few tough strategists to protect him from b.s. smears like this that have little or nothing to do with his capabilities as a presidential candidate.  Gibbs is a solid choice for that.  

    Obviously, yes, an integral piece of his platform is to rise above negative campaigning and politics...but I don't see it in absolute terms.  It's about moving towards that ideal in a political world that has gone wayyy off the deep end in mudslinging and outright lies.  It's not about transforming politics into Disneyland.

    So with that context, I would expect Obama NOT to start the mudslinging and not to cross certain lines of decency.  But also, not to ignore it when it's thrown at him, unfairly which imho, Hillary's campaign did.  

    I'd also expect Gibbs to tone down his punches in respect to Obama's preferred style of campaigning.  If he doesn't and pulls something despicable, then Obama's accountable for his actions, just as he would for any member that's formally part of his campaigning team.

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