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  •  Crashing the Gate, a fabulous read, (0+ / 0-)

    reminded me that too often democrats become hung up on one issue.  And all of the trashing of HRC, of Obama, by posters here and several other sites has shown me that the progressives, dems, liberals, whatever label we like, are still getting hung up.

    And because of one issue the mud flinging is flying.  Maybe it's the war vote, some cannot get past; maybe it's dirty politics already rearing its ugly head and thus campaign finance.

    Where are the folks that want to give ALL our candidates a chance to be heard on the issues?  Just because "campaign head hunters "want to play the trash talk game, does not mean we have to comply.  Maybe HRC, Obama, Edwards et. al., feel they must have "head hunters" (obviously it has worked for a lot of elections).

    But here's the thing FOR ME:
    **I didn't agree with the votes to go to war but I honestly understand where many of the dems came from on that;  I never wanted war but I really believed we needed to get rid of Saddam. I was sadly naive about the middle east.
    BUT HILLARY being WRONG ON THAT, EDWARDS BEING WRONG and APOLOGIZING and OBAMA being right on that is NOT ENOUGH for me.  I need to hear MORE from ALL.

     *Where do they stand on labor and the shipping of jobs overseas to countries with cheap labor?  Do they support it?   So far to  me, John Edwards is my choice when it comes to labor issues.
      *Where do they stand on the Iran issue?  How can they solve what seems to be a problem of growing tensions?  How are they going to undo the total confusion of the USA supporting the SHIA in Iraq against the Sunni in Iraq while supporting the Sunni rich guys of Saudi Arabia and going against the SHIA of Iran?  Am I the only one seeing insanity as the policy now, and who is going to unravel the insanity?  So far Wes Clark has had the best answers for me, and he is not running yet!
      *Where are the candidates on Healthcare as a basic human right?
      *Where are the candidates on NCLB, the worst piece of legislation in years.  Sorry, I don't care if Kennedy and a bunch of other dems were on board, it stinks, and it hurting public education.  
       *Where are they on regulating industry so as to end the conglomerate control of everything?

    All I read or hear about anymore is the dirty tricks and nasty accusations about the candidates.  Sometimes I think there are some republican trolls here out to get us all hating.  The DIVIDE AND CONQUER has sadly worked well against the democratic party on many occasions. I really am afraid it will work again.  There is NOT ONE DEM I could not vote for in the pack.  As a woman, I would LOVE a woman president, but gender is NOT enough.  As someone who marched and was involved in the Civil Rights issues in the 60s, I would LOVE to see a president of a race other than Caucasian.  But race is NOT enough.  John Edwards and West are easy on the eyes and have the charisma needed.  But those things are not enough.
    I want to hear them all, and at the end, I want to end up CHOOSING the best candidate without needing to despise any.

    There is nothing good about hatred.  Hatred demeans both the hater and the hated.  We are all tempted by hate, but only the weak wallow in it. Anonymous

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