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    The issue is not made up.  Obama has very consciously laid down a marker about how politics is done.  It is very interesting b/c he is so sincere, and he is touching a chord with people.  Also, voters tend not to get emotional about 'process' issues... they tend to connect more to issue that affect their daily lives... taxes, health care, jobs, schools, etc. But they are connecting with this.  So the question becomes, how does Barack Obama deliver on his promise to do politics in a new and different way that isn't small, or mean, or personal?

    That is truly an interesting question--if he figures it out, we could have a real change.

    But look.  The problem with Bush's integrity is he campaigns on one thing ('compassionate conservatism') and then heads off in the opposite direction.  Does anybody think he's really a compassionate president?

    The problem with Ralph Nader's integrity is that his central message ('there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans') is just not true.  Does anybody really believe Gore would've invaded Iraq?

    The problem Obama is now faced with is that his central message ('we need to change our politics... our politics is small') doesn't exactly fit with some of the people he has hired to run his campaign.

    They may be great campaigners, but as a group, Gibbs, Burton, Plouffe, Axelrod... these are hardened smart experienced campaigners who have done lots of high profile campaign work with and for old-school DC politicians like Gephardt and Toricelli and others.  

    I personally don't have a complaint against the staff he's hired.  They're smart go-getters. But I wonder if over time, we will start to see some difference between Obama's rhetoric about our politics and the tactics these guys uncork in what is going to be a long and important fight.

    Frankly, it's a real question.  It's not made up.  The only thing made-up is your suggestion that Obama hired the "deadly weapon" with the intent of keeping him holstered.

    "Calmer than you are."

    by Sheffield on Thu Feb 22, 2007 at 08:22:09 PM PST

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